To You is an award-winning intimate reading experience hidden in the pages of an apparently unreadable book, written and conceived by Yiota Demetriou, with help from her co-conspirator Tom Abba, well-known book artist/designer, and fellow hopeless romantic.

In it are evocative love letters that were never sent, which are addressed To You, the reader. The letters are poetry written in prose, contemplating the mysteries of human relationships, love, attachment, loss, and affection.

But this is not like any other book! It seeks your effort, care, and affection to be read. Imbued with warmth from your gentle touch, its black pages gradually become translucent.

The writing becomes visible, and traces of your fingerprints are left on its pages. Unlike many reading experiences, this book responds to your body heat by inviting you to lovingly caress it.

The letters draw parallels between the intense erotic delusions played out in the exchange of love letters, and the dynamics between touch and heartbreak.

Designed as a concertina that engages its readers physically, this unique book is a special edition, with only a limited number of books handcrafted and sold worldwide; 150 to be precise. Become an exclusive owner of this one-of-a-kind intimate reading experience.