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Image by George Margelis

I recently won an award for To You, the accolade read, “an innovation that has transformative impact on human understanding and an exemplar for the collision of art, science & technology”.

Somehow you already feel a personal connection. Pressing your hand to the black pages, your body heat creates a flare of white appearing between the web of your fingers, and you feel as though secrets are being shared in the dark.

You see the object you are holding take the impression of your own body, and yet you see only windows onto the words below.

Like a lover, there is great intimacy of a hand pressing the page, and yet the text underneath retains its enigma.

Zoe Heron (†) Comedian, Multimedia Performance Maker, and Academic.

What’s fascinating about the overall experience of reading and touching, especially the aspect of covering and uncovering or unraveling thoughts through this type of interaction; and the way the book is put together, in concertina form, is the possibility to connect with the more ‘irrational’ aspects of being human.

The moment I pressed my hands onto its dark pages, was also a moment of paying attention to the flow of emotions inside of me: the content becomes transparent from my own warmth; emotionality that is sometimes frowned upon is suddenly allowed.

These seize to be dark by my own engagement with it as if reclaiming my own state of being. Like relationships, of any type, the book echoes the effort needed to sustain them – so the book can almost feel comfortable to open up and talk to you. 

Francesca Prandelli, Journalist.

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Senior Lecturer in Virtual and Extended Reality, UWE, and former Managing Producer at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.

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